​There’s pride in Home Ownership, It’s yours!

​It’s a Good Investment – ​Long Term Wealth​

By purchasing a home, you’ll have an asset that, in many cases, will appreciate in value over time. A $200,000 home today should see an increase in value to $250,000, $300,000, or more—depending on how long you plan to live there and market conditions.

You Build Equity

When you subtract the amount you owe on your home loan from the total value of your house, the amount left over is your home equity-the “dollar” value of your home that actually belongs to you.

You Enjoy Significant Tax Deductions

Owning a home can reduce the amount you pay in income taxes each year. Your mortgage interest and property tax payments may be deductible from your federal taxes, as well as many state taxes. Certain closing costs also may be tax deductible

You Build a Strong Credit History

When you buy a home and consistently make your monthly loan payments on time, it demonstrates to other lenders that you are a good borrower and the risk of you defaulting on a loan is low.

​Freedom to Make Modifications

Homeowners don’t need permission. You can paint any room any color, replace the cabinets, add a deck, or do any other modifications you wish. Homeownership enables you to live life under your own rules.”

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